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Kecak and Fire dance is Bali Ritual dance, it is taken from Ramayana story
Uluatu Temple
Uluatu temple is one of the public temple the we can see in bali, it was built under 11st century by Dang Hyang Nirata


Hello, My name is Ketut Suastika,SS but my friends call me Oky, I was born here in Bali 37 years ago. I studied Tourism at the Tourism Education centre and also at Warmadewa University in Denpasar, Bali where I Graduated with the English Degree in Tourism, I have 11 years experience as a Driver and Bali Tour Guide Member Legalized by Government .

My English is great and is improving every day as my brother in law and his Australian wife live in Western Australia. I am a very friendly honest and hard working person that you can always rely on. I have had clients from all over the words including Australia, America, China, India, Japan,  Taiwan, and from all over Europe.

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