Terunyan Village Tour


Bali Vacation Driver want to Explain about the Terunyan Vallage, the most unique tradition in Bali Island, located at the slope of the Abang mount or at the south east of Lake Batur. about 67km From Denpasar City. About two hours driving by Car.

Terinyan Village is the oldest village that we have in Bali island,so that its call Bali Mula, or Bali age , to get to this place that we can pass by the small road at Kedisan,buahan And Abang villages, and also can pass to the lake by boat or traditional boat. The most Unique tradition in this place is the processing of body dead, in Bali Tradition that Call Ngaben or Cremation Ceremony, Normally by most of the people in Bali they will Barry or Burn them,but her they don’t do this,the just lay down on the land and Protected them with Cage and we cal that Ancak Saji made from Bambu.


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